Hotels: Shibuya Granbell

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the delay in my blog posts – I’ve actually been in Japan so I’ll have a bunch of new material for you soon!

I’m back today with another hotel review, this time we are in Shibuya, Tokyo at the Shibuya Granbell Hotel. Shibuya Granbell is obviously part of a chain, there are also hotels in Shinjuku, Asakusa and Kyoto. I liked Shibuya personally because it’s a sort of fashion hub, I’m a big fan of the stores in Shibuya 109.

One of the great things about the Shibuya Granbell is definitely it’s location – it’s a 3 minute walk to Shibuya Station and from there you can get on the Yamanote Line which gives you easy access to a whole bunch of places. This is by far the best thing about the hotel in my opinion! One thing to note, that you probably wouldn’t know unless you’ve actually stayed there, is that to access the station you need to go on a high bridge over a main road. There are lifts, but one was out of order when we arrived so we had to lug our heavy suitcases over it. Just something to bear in mind in terms of access! The hotel is also up a short hill, so be prepared!

The check-in staff generally speak good English, and are very helpful. The hotel has lift access to all floors – this time, I stayed on the 7th Floor. One of the advantages of Shibuya Granbell is that you get breakfast included in the price of your stay. They give you breakfast coupons to give to the staff when you would like to eat breakfast. There are two options, a breakfast buffet where you can pick and choose, or a breakfast that has 3 courses to pick from. I tried the breakfast buffet once and it was really not good at all – it’s situated in the bar that’s attached the the hotel and it’s not laid out well for a buffet and the selection seemed quite random.

With the other breakfast, you get a choice of Japanese breakfast (fish), Western Breakfast (bacon, scrambled egg, toast) and French Toast (comes with bacon and maple syrup.) None of the options are vegetarian friendly so I’d give the extra bacon to my friend. It might be hard for vegans as well but they seemed accomodating so maybe you could ask them. The waiter we saw most days was friendly but also kinda eccentric haha. These are okay quality and a decent start to your day.

Now, onto the rooms! Rooms in Tokyo are always fairly small, and at the Shibuya Granbell it’s the same, really. There was room for my large suitcase but not much else. However, they are very clean and tidy, and they have a lot of good amenities including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a shower cap, razor and shaving cream, face cream, and a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hairdryer. They also give you a bottle of water each day which I found helpful as it was very hot! The room also has tea making facilities and a fridge as well so you can store your konbini food in there. They also provide you with pajamas as most Japanese hotels do, so you wouldn’t need to bring your own. The bathroom is glass and is inside the room, and the shower is a power shower. Be warned, the shower is very sensitive, you can go from freezing to level 10 scalding in one tiny movement – but otherwise it’s a great shower.

They have invidiual WiFi spots for every guest, plus they had a few extras in the room this time. They had a mobile phone, which you could apparantly use for free when out and about but I didn’t try that myself. Plus, they are now affiliated with a takuhaibin service – this is a service which transfers your luggage to the airport so you don’t need to carry it. We’d bought an excessive amount of stuff in Japan so we used the service, called I will probably do a proper review on that later but the service was great and our cases were delivered to the airport on time as expected and it saved the hassle of us dragging it there.

Overall, I have stayed in the Shibuya Granbell twice now and now and it’s a smart hotel with a great location, so I’d recommend it if you are in Tokyo!


Ganbattle Girl x


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