Kawaii Monster Cafe

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing my experiences at Kawaii Monster Cafe with you! Anyone that knows anything about Harajuku will have heard of this wacky cafe, which aims to give you insight into the colourful world of Japanese pop culture fashion! The cafe theme is produced by Sebastian Masuda, who rose to fame when he became art director for Japanese Pop Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. He runs a Japanese fashion brand, 6%DokiDoki (Doki Doki meaning ‘heartbeat’ in Japanese) which is famous for it’s over the top and colourful stylings. The Kawaii Monster Cafe certainly fits that theme!

The Kawaii Monster Cafe can be found in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, which was once a famous hang out spot for people who were interested in different types of fashion, such as Lolita and Decora, amongst others. In recent years, the trend has died down somewhat and it can be quite difficult to spot anyone wearing the outlandish fashion styles we might have seen 10 years ago, but if you want a taste of it then the Kawaii Monster Cafe is somewhere you can find it.

Kawaii Monster Cafe is really easy to get to, it’s a 2 minute walk from Meiji-Jingumae Station (also known as Harajuku Station.)

The cafe has two dining experiences, the Day Cafe and the Night Dinner. The night dinner as specific themes such as Burlesque & Pop Culture Night. I haven’t experience the Night Dinner yet, so today I’ll purely be talking about the daytime experience. Do share your thoughts if you’ve visited at night, I’d love to know what it’s like!

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to select which zone you would like to enter. Be aware that there is a 500円 cover charge per person, plus you must order a drink and food item. I also heard that if you sit at a 4 person table and you are 2 people for example, they will charge you for the empty seats, so that’s something to bear in mind. (I can’t remember if they did that to us or not!) There are 4 different areas – Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment and Mel-tea Room, and you’ll be shown pictures to make a choice! All of them are really impressive so don’t worry too much! If one particular area is busy, it’ll be greyed out at the digital kiosk so you’ll know. Also, you are able to walk around and take pictures of everything so you won’t miss out! Everything is centred around a giant rotating cake which is the key centerpiece in performances.

The decor is so impressive and I feel it captures the spirit of Harajuku perfectly! Even the toilets are boldy decorated to match the rest of the interior.

The servers are all dressed in different brightly coloured outfits, and they sat us down and brought us a digital menu that we could pick from. You can also view their menu online in English, but they occasionally have seasonal specials that aren’t listed there. I got something called the ‘non druggie cocktail’ which was 720円 (it’s not alcoholic.) It came in brightly coloured test tubes which you mixed up to get the final flavour! It was fun to look at and pretty tasty.

At the time I ate meat so I ordered a chicken & waffles dish which is no longer available and cost around 1000円. It came with multicoloured sauces which were classics (bbq, ketchup) that were just dyed! Although it was interesting to look at, the dish itself wasn’t particularly nice to eat. The chicken was gristly and everything was a bit dry. Still, it was just about edible.

For dessert, we ordered chocomint icecream which again is not available anymore but cost around 900円. This was much tastier but you can’t really go wrong with ice cream! We did see other people ordering the ‘Colourful Poison Parfait (Extreme!)’ which was definitely as extreme as they promised, haha. It looks really impressive and would make an amazing picture, but it does cost 2300円 so bring friends to help you polish it off!

After we’d finished eating and were just chatting, the music was turned up and a performance began! The cafes Monster crew jumped up on the rotating cake podium and began dancing to the music, waving at guests who were filming. To our surprise, my friend and I were watching when one of the performers extended their hands to us and we were invited to dance on the giant cake with them! 😀 We were super happy to be chosen (even though I felt bad for all the tourists filming my awkward dancing.) One of the Monster crew was from the 6%DokiDoki store we visited that day, so it was nice to see a familiar face up there! It was such a fun experience and made us feel like special guests.


We had a lot of fun at the cafe and spent a good while taking pictures and exploring the place! If you want a taste of Japanese pop culture, then you would definitely find it here, but you might have to sacrifice your taste-buds a little especially with the mains.

Overall, I’d give Kawaii Monster Cafe a 7/10, for the fun experience and colourful surroundings!

Have you visited? What did you think? 😀

Ganbatte Girl x

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