Hotels: Hotel Kinki, Osaka

Hey everyone!

I see a lot of questions being asked about hotels in Japan – and I thought it might be useful to compile a list of places I’ve actually stayed, with information about each one to help you out. It’s obviously useful to look at Tripadvisor ratings, but that doesn’t always give you the full picture of the location, services etc.

This is basically the start of a rundown of all the hotels I’ve been using since I’ve first travelled to Japan – because I always use Osaka and Tokyo as my base, the accommodation is only for those two cities. I’m starting with Hotel Kinki in Osaka since I’ve stayed there many times.


Hotel Kinki

Cost: [10/10]

Convenience: [10/10]

Local Area: [7/10]

Rooms (Size, Cleanliness): [6/10]

Services (Breakfast, Laundry etc.): [6/10]

Hotel Kinki is a business hotel situated in the Umeda area of Osaka. It’s a very short walk from all the action, as soon as you step out into the street you are in the heart of Osaka’s busy food & shopping district. Also, it’s a 6 minute walk to the Umeda Subway or a 9 minute walk to Osaka Station, making it very handy for travel! It can be a little difficult to find as it’s down a back street, and I recall there is a large sign on the top of the buildings but I think it was in Japanese. Google Maps will save you, look out for the gold English sign at ground level.

Hotel Kinki has a variety of rooms in both Japanese & Western styles, and they have twin, triple and family rooms making it perfect for group travel. Once of the biggest bonuses about Hotel Kinki is the cost. You get discounts at 4 nights stay, then futher discounts beyond 7 nights stay, but the total for a whole week stay (6 nights) is around £180 or 27,000円. Considering the location, that’s a pretty good deal!

One thing to note is that the hotel can be considered to be in the more seedy side of Osaka, the nearby streets have bars, arcades, pachinko halls and host clubs. But, I’ve stayed in Hotel Kinki many times and never felt threatened or had any issues at all. I would say the area is still very safe, especially considering it’s Japan. Still, the plus side is there are many restaurants open until late! You’d also think it might be noisy at night, but it isn’t at all. I had a peaceful sleep with no issues related to noise.

In terms of the rooms, this is where Hotel Kinki may lose a few points. The rooms are indeed very small, although they do have their own bathroom/toilet. I personally don’t mind tiny hotel rooms, and I have got used to them while travelling in Japan, but there isn’t much space for luggage etc. The Japanese style rooms have the futons laid out next to each other, so if you don’t want to be rubbing elbows with your family and friends in your sleep then this may not be for you. The western rooms however have a little more breathing room and they aren’t that much more expensive if you want that extra level of comfort. One thing to note is that some rooms are smoking rooms – and some of the Japanese rooms only have smoking available. I really hate the smell of smoke so avoid these at all costs. Also the rooms have zero view – some don’t have windows, and some windows just back onto another wall. However, the hotel is very very clean and they offer room service daily as you’d expect.

There is also free wifi available in the hotel too.

If you need items, you can take hairbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste and shampoo/shower gel from the lobby. They used to put them in the rooms but they are an eco friendly hotel now so people can just take what they need as and when. They also have a new eco friendly discount if you choose not to have your room cleaned for a consecutive number of days.

One plus about Hotel Kinki is that they have a laundry room, which is useful for long stays. They also have vending machines located in the lobby, but there is no cafe so no breakfast service. This was never a problem for us as there is a konbini on the doorstep.

I usually speak Japanese to the lobby staff so I’m not sure if they are able to communicate in English, but they were very friendly and helpful. My friend was unwell for a couple of days and didn’t have a window in her room, so we went to the lobby and requested a fan so she could cool off as it was particularly warm and stuffy in Japan at the time. They were accommodating as far as they could be for her.

Lastly, they are supportive of LGBTQ+ travellers and advertise events in the local area on their website, so if this is meaningful to you that’s a huge plus!

Overall, I’ve stayed in Hotel Kinki many times because of the cost and convenience, and I’d definitely recommend if you want to stay in the heart of Osaka but save a few pennies.

Hope this helps you!

Ganbatte Girl x

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