Day Trip: Kobe

Hey Japan Travellers!

It’s time to learn a little bit about Kobe! Kobe is one of my favourite day trips from Osaka, as it’s about a 25min train ride so very accessible, and there is lots to see and do there. You can easily make a day trip of Kobe, but if you are on a tight schedule then half a day might be sufficient too.

My favourite area is the Kobe Harborland which is around a 4 minute walk from Kobe Station. It has a variety of shopping malls, boat tours and also the famous Kobe Port Tower.

The first thing I normally do is buy tickets for one of the many boat tours in the Harborland area – as you sail away from the island, you get a fantastic view of the Kobe coastline! If you make your way to the Kobe Port Tower, along the front there are rows of boats each with a ticket station outside. These detail the ticket prices, the length of the cruise and the cruise times. The average price is around 1000円 and the tours I’ve been on take around 45 minutes to an hour. Some of the boats offer drinks and ice creams on board too! Perfect for hot weather, but avoid if it’s rainy.


At lunch time, of course the usual recommendation for Kobe is the Kobe Beef, which is a world famous type of beef that has marbled fat running through it. Now this kind of quality beef doesn’t come cheap, and will set you back around 5000円 all the way up to 15,000円 depending on the cut of the meat. There are some very well known restaurants in Kobe, so if you are a meat eater and this is something you want to sample, then check out the recommendations here!


Kobe also has a big shopping complex called Umie, and inside that is Mosaic, the North Mall and South Mall. The shops sell clothing, soveniers and trinkets, and there are also resteraunts and cafe’s inside too. I also found some arcades and purikura booths! If you are a Sanrio fan, there is a Sanrio Vivitix store that I spent a lot of money in and you can find all the details here!

Of course, no trip to Kobe would be complete without viewing the sights from the top of Kobe Port Tower. Admission for adults is just 700円, and there are multiple viewing platforms as well as a rotating cafe that turns 360 degrees every 20 minutes! It’s a great place to stop by for a drink or dessert, especially after an intense day of shopping. The cafe is reasonably priced with a drink and dessert set costing around 800円.

No day trip is complete without a refreshing Melon Soda at the end of it!

Have you been to Kobe? What are your top Kobe sights! I’d love to hear from you,

Ganbatte Girl x

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  1. Kat says:

    Kobe is definitely going to be in my to-go places next time I come to Japan!

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