Day Trip: Nara

Hello again everyone!

Today I’d like to share with you a day trip activity, this time to Nara! Nara is quite a popular destination for a day trip because of Nara Park, which is famous for its free-roaming deer! The deer live in the city and will come up to tourists, unlike most deer in the wild.

You can buy 鹿煎餅 (Shika Senbei) or ‘deer cookies’ to feed the deer – but watch out, they WILL fight each other for the cookies, and you can get caught up in the fray. I’ve had my fair share of headbutts from the feisty Nara deer.

Nara is easily accessible from Osaka, where I normally make my base for a week. From wherever you’re traveling, you can use Hyperdia to find the best train route. On my last trip, I bought the Nara one day bus pass, that was purchasable from a kiosk just outside the station. There are clear signs for the bus routes inside the bus shelters so it should be easy to figure out! However, it is accessible on foot if you don’t fancy the bus journey.

Nara Park is the main attraction and is a place where the deer roam free.

It’s a lovely place to visit when the weather is good, plus if you like you can pick up a green tea ice cream! I visited during sakura season, and they had a market on with themed goods such as sakura jelly! I wish I could eat it right now, haha.


There are also some beautiful temples to visit in the Nara area, so I’d recommend checking out Yakushiji or Toshodaiji if you have the opportunity. I actually stumbled across some temples by accident from just freely wandering!

Overall, I’d really recommend a trip to Nara especially on a sunny day! I think it’s definitely worth it, just for the sheer comedy the deer provoke. One of them ate too many cookies, and threw up on my friends t-shirt, much to her dismay. We look back on it and laugh now though, haha. It’s great for families and kids too, I think.

Have you been to Nara? Have you had close encounters with the Nara deer? Let me know!

Thank you,

Ganbatte Girl x


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