Gudetama Cafe

Hey everyone,

I’m a huge fan of themed cafes in Japan, so as a result I really wanted to write in detail about the ones that I’ve visited, and hopefully give you insight to what it’s like!

The first one I’m starting with is the Gudetama Cafe – that’s right, Sanrio’s famous lazy egg mascot! Gudetama has become very popular, I think because he’s very relatable, haha. And of course, being an egg, it does pave the way for some easy food themes!


The Gudetama Cafe can be found on the 7th Floor of the Hep Five Department store in Osaka (I love Hep Five in general.) It’s easy to spot from the outside, as it’s bright yellow and features a sign board outside with all the dishes available.

It is accessible from Osaka Station or Umeda Subway Stations, and elevator access is possible in the Hep Five Shopping Mall.


As you can see, there are a variety of mains, drinks and desserts all within the Gudetama theming! I believe they change this menu now and then, but keep a few of the popular staples. It may be difficult to find vegetarian options here as a lot of the dishes feature gudetama’s famous bacon blanket.


As you walk in, you are hit with the Gudetama theme – the walls are fully decorated with Gude, there are decorations from the ceiling, and plenty of giant Gude plushes to keep you company too!


I visited the cafe a couple of years back when I used to eat meat, so I ordered the donburi with gude’s face on it! It was very cute, and pretty tasty too! A lot of themed cafe’s have a bad reputation for the food quality, but Gudetama Cafe is fairly decent quality in my opinion. And of course, Melon Soda is my favourite thing in the world, probably because it’s so hard to find in the UK and the scarcity makes it all the more appealing. So I had a Gudetama sofa float, which came with a little Gudetama butt marshmallow! I was so impressed, haha.


I also visited on another occasion just for a coffee, and got a deliciously decorated Gudetama latte, another glorious sight to behold!

One thing to note is that, like all themed cafes, items don’t come cheap, so make sure you are aware of that before visiting! As you can see from the sign board, the average main is around 1200円, and the drinks and desserts can total 800円 each also. I was lucky both times, and there were no queues or waiting times. This seems to be the case for a lot of the permenant cafes – pop up cafes that are there for a limited period seem to be constantly booked out.

Also, if you are a huge Gudetama fan, the Gudetama Cafe as a small merchandise section that features exclusive Gudetama merchandise! Well worth a visit, just for that. It’s worth noting too, that there are other stores in Hep Five which stock Sanrio items, so if you have time you might wish to explore the stores as well.

Overall, I’d certainly recommend a visit to Gudetama Cafe, especially if you are a super fan like me!


Ganbatte Girl x


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  1. Japan has so many little characters, it can be hard to keep track of them all, but I love Gudetama! It’s such a cute little lazy egg. This cafe looks like a lot of fun, and I didn’t know Gudetama had a bacon blanket.

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